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My name is Eirit Huber, an artist and optimistic at heart, curious and autodidact, a student, a dreamer, creator and therapist. I can see growth potential in everything and believes everything turns for the best.

I’m married with two amazing children. My wonderful family fulfills me with so much happiness, love and inspiration. I’m truly blessed. 
Throughout my personal journey I’ve allowed myself to study, explore, listen and observe. I’ve dedicated an immense time for empowerment and self-development, and continues still to this day. I’ve enriched my abilities with comprehensive knowledge from the art and therapy fields. I learned a lot about the essence of the soul and man’s connection/bond with all things in existent, about creativity and its importance, the logic of the universe and beyond.

I’ve studied art, graphic design and healing methods:

Certified instructor for Theta Healing, guided imagery, access consciousness, NLP, and expressive arts therapy. I’ve developed an original method called “Molecular Art” that combines the art and healing through an energetic and creative connection for the movement of the molecules in the body and spirit that are ingrained in us and our surroundings as a whole.

In the process of healing and creating I express my expertise, personal and professional experience, in order to provide as much knowledge as possible and allow each one a meaningful process in creating a safe, healthy and harmonious space both internally and externally.  In doing so I fulfill my calling in life, which is helping people with great satisfaction.


To make an appointment please contact me at  050-876-9276

Best Regards,


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